Animal Planet’s “Fetch Me a Beer!”

by Mary Haight on January 29, 2009

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Here’s a spin on dog training that might make some couch potatoes sit up and take note.  Frazier Moore, Associated Press, reports that this up-coming show features trainer Zak George who wants to prove old dogs can learn new tricks.  Zak takes his cue  from people who propose tricks, Zak  teaches them to train their dogs during 3 home visits, gives them homework, and they get one shot on television to make it happen.  Will the dog learn to play baseball or win prizes for his square dancing style?  We’ll have to wait until July to see how old dogs take to new tricks.

An internet superstar, George and his border collie Venus have wowed the likes of Dave Letterman and many competition judges with their partnership.  He has a 2 million strong fan base on YouTube, something you can check out in the meantime!  There are even a couple of “how-to” entries you can try out.

George’s focus is on developing the bond between people and their dogs, ensuring that any tricks are taught with kindness, using the dog’s natural motiviations of play and food drive.  It should be fun for the dog and their person, and this one -on-one quality time deepens the bond between them.

Animal Planet’s press release solicits those who are willing to put in the time to turn their dog into a super stunt puppy to apply via video(see press release link for details).  In-person casting calls are open in Boston until June and South Florida until mid-March.  Has anybody you know tried out?

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