Petland Sued As Nation’s Largest Retail Supporter of Puppy Mills

by Mary Haight on December 6, 2008

Miniature breed dogs in a puppy mill
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Did you catch the headline the other day that the Humane Society of the United States has proof that Petland uses puppy mills as their supply source?  After years of denying this fact, Petland will finally have to answer to litigation.  Happy Holidays!  

The special that Oprah had with Lisa Ling reporting on puppy mill practices has really helped remind everyone that this cruelty needs to stop.  I know from 11 years experience in the animal community that bringing this practice to the national stage in a significant way—and getting an hour on Oprah and more on a follow up was just that—was a major priority of many.  The real meaning of buying pets from pet stores was made clear: many pets suffer and die for choosing to buy a pet rather than adopting from a shelter. 

It’s good news that HSUS and ASPCA’s partnership (September 2008) in this effort has resulted in a multi-pronged approach of investigation, video proof made public, law enforcement, prosecution, and lobbying for humane legislation issues that is netting real results.

Find out more at a special topics page in the HSUS site. 
We all pick and choose our concerns and level of involvement with organizations working effectively toward making change.  Sometimes all we can do is donate a few dollars and other times we can only pay attention and pass it on.  The more people hear about this topic, the more a constituency will grow, so passing it on is no small thing!  

HSUS’s and ASPCA’s recent successes closing down some major mills after the in-depth reporting of Lisa Ling makes me think about how these issues are brought to the fore: it all starts with the power of one voice and can reverberate through a population to change what needs changing.  It is always time consuming, but is well worth the effort.

What’s your take on this?     


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