Pet Food Safety And Holiday Gift Ideas

by Mary Haight on December 14, 2008

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Since the FDA refuses to test imported foods for melamine, the root cause of the thousands of  dog and cat deaths in 2007, and lab tests start at $200 each, an enterprising entrepreneur and owner of Gainesville’s Earth Pets Natural Pet Market decided she would design an in-home kit.  

At the Pet Connection site you’ll find that this test has been patented, and should be available late Spring 2009.  Joy Drawdy, the creator,  is credited with being among the first to alert the general public about the importation of  contaminated Chinese wheat gluten, knowing it to be a common ingredient in pet food.  Good for an IOU gift!

Another gift idea for those who are interested in the politics of food, how the melamine disaster occurred, and what impacts it has on the US food chain, you might want to read an interview with author and nutritionist Marion Nestle conducted by Michelle Nijhuis at Grist, Environmental News and Commentary and decide if the book is something for you or a friend.  Many thought after the 2007 debacle with pet food that perhaps it was time to purchase books on cooking for your pets…then we would know what we are actually feeding our furry family members.  Oh, but wait…maybe not.  Nestle reveals a little known fact in her well-researched book: surplus pet food is fed to chickens and pigs.  What do you think about that?

And the last gift suggestion can be found at Petco.  The Canine Heritage Breed Test for mixed breed pedigree is a no muss no fuss simple swab across the inside of  Max’s mouth and it’s done.  You may want to call your local stores–it is too late to order online for Christmas or Hanukkah delivery.

Happy gift hunting!


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