People Who Play With Dogs Stay With Dogs

by Craig Daniels on December 20, 2008

Dog Parking
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Dog Play or what can I do with my dog that we both like? Dogs being the unconditional loving creatures they are love just being with us and taking part in whatever activity we are engaging in at the moment. But and this is a big but sometimes we humans want a change in play time, a change in the routine it is so easy to get into. So I thought I would list some websites that have tons of ideas of different things to do. As the first website says ” people who play with their dog, stay with their dog.”

  1. The first site is entitled Dog Play and has an exhaustive list of things to do and places to go to find even more things to do and places to go. Whew I even get tired looking at the list.
  2. The second site is entitled Dog Fun Directory and is a Dog Park listing for all 50 states and a few countries outside of the US, it is extensive yet and a great starting point to find Dog Parks, if you find one missing I suggest you email the site owner with an update.
  3. This third and last site has an article for having fun with your dog when there is no way you can go outside. Some of them seem a little silly but hey better silly then bored.
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