Organic Dog Food – Who Knew?

by Mary Haight on December 12, 2008

Supermarket in São Paulo
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I’m sure many pet owners are aware Organic Pet Food exists but I’ll bet two dimes people who don’t have pets have no clue. Think about how small the organic section is in most supermarkets, the organic pet food section will fit into a shoe box in many stores. And while Organic Pet Food may seem exotic it’s  just one of a number of alternatives in your cookbook for you to offer your best friend.

Why I know of a couple of people who cook all their pet food themselves using only organic ingredients. Now those are some lucky pets indeed, but for the rest of us buying affordable Organic as treats will have to do. If you grocery store does not stock organic or you want to experiment try some of these websites to find Organic Pet Food.

  1. Newman’s Own
  2. Natura Pet
  3. Karma Organic
  4. Castor & Pollux
  5. Pet Guard

If you have questions about things like does my pet really like what they eat or is organic really better, then I recommend this blog entitled Kibbles and Fits by Lou Bendrick posted on Grist, it has lots of thoughts and insights along with some good humor.

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