Dogs Have Feelings Too…

by Mary Haight on December 12, 2008

Pups guarding the bowl
Image by Paul Jacobson via Flickr

Scientists have confirmed what all dog people already understand: unequal distribution of rewards will create jealousy, defiance, and something thought not to be in the range of dog emotions–envy. 

Previously attributed only to primates as part of a more developed and complex model of self-awareness, this subset of emotional life made scientists sit up and rethink their assumptions.  The study released December 10 in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” journal is the first of its kind to dispell the idea that in all the animal kingdom, the only candidates exhibiting human emotions and self-awareness are primates.  There is an interesting recap by Liz Hogan at,8599,1865847,00.html  hmmmm–I thought I heard my dog muttering something about “stupid humans…”

And in this same vein, here are a couple of  videos that seems to punctuate in a heartfelt way the above findings and makes room for more possibilities.  Take a look at the Chilean dog trying to save another, injured, dog who had been hit by a car.  The other is a report on a White Rhino who went on a jealous rampage because his mate was taken from him.

What’s been your experience? 

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