Dog Friendly Hotels Galore

by Craig Daniels on December 23, 2008

Balou (our new dog)
Image by Ferdi’s World via Flickr

I can’t get enough information about Hotels and Inns that are open and friendly to pets. Everyday I see or hear about more and more locations and more and more people thinking about opening a pet friendly establishment. These businesses help educate everyone about the bond between the owners and pets and about the importance of meeting the needs of our loving pets.

Bill Marriott is a big promoter of making pets welcome at his hotels and he invites you to send him stories you may have about pets and exercise or just about your pets in general. Check out his hotel blog and this entry about exercise and Murphy his Golden Retriever. Over at they have a good list of places that make a special effort for our pets, some have special rooms, walkways and bowls all catering to make the stay great. Check it out.

Of course there are a couple of directories that give you worldwide information and tips to hotels and restaurants. First is their listing is extensive and worth a long look. Second is Trips With Pets, their directory has so much you might be there for hours checking it out. :)

Happy Holiday Traveling Everyone….

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