Bring Animals to Retirement Communities for 2009

by Craig Daniels on December 30, 2008

Dog Coats in Metro Newspaper
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Going into 2009  an idea came bounding into my head. Dog Newspapers and magazines and nursing or retirement homes. What I’m talking about here is for people to give subscriptions of newspapers or magazines dealing with dogs  or pets to one of the local nursing or retirement communities.

The residents of these communities more than likely had a pet before they moved into their current new home. Just like we would miss our pet dearly the residents living in a facility also miss their pets. A gift subscription to a newpaper or a magazine would allow them to read lots of interesting information about pets and the pet world.

I’m sure everyone knows what is available in their local area so I’m only going to list a few. Ask your librarian for suggestions or do an Internet search. If you search on the net, put your states 2 letter abbreviation in with the search to narrow it down. Not all facilities have good Internet access nor lots of computers, so please don’t just tell them about a link, send real newsprint or magazines that everyone can read.

  1. Downeast Dog News – this monthly is free online and available in newsprint
  2. Dog & Kennel – a monthly print magazine
  3. City Dog Magazine – 5 times a year
  4. Metro Pet Gazette – free in the Vancouver area at 200 locations
  5. The Pet Press – a newspaper in Los Angeles
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