9 Good Things That Happened in 2008

by Mary Haight on December 1, 2008

It seems that good news is lacking these days, given the 24/7 coverage of the global economic downturn, housing values continued decline, foreclosures, and jobs insecurity, but then I remembered some things in dogdom that have taken a turn for the better and thought I’d put together a list.  When I was finished, I smiled. That’s worth passing along.

1. Military hospital opens for dogs wounded in war zones.

2. Dog fighting laws are being enforced in more places.

3. Puppy Mills have been given much more concentrated attention by authorities since Oprah broadcast Lisa Ling’s report on her show–twice–and this helped HSUS gain the support needed to shut downs mills where documented evidence was available.  Broad public protest to representatives has pushed authorities to enforce animal welfare laws.

4. Dog (and cock) fighting bans have been enacted in many cities.

5. Auto insurance policies start covering pets injured in accidents. (Check you policy and the fine print for limits.)

6. Many doctors have realized the healing influence dogs have on patient’s recovery in cancer and other serious diseases and have stopped recommending relinquishment of pets to shelters during treatment and recovery.  Some hospitals even have “visiting rights” for their long term patients arranged in dedicated rooms.

7. Tethering practices are being outlawed in many states.

8.  More people are traveling with their pets and it’s no longer just the Ritz, Four Seasons, Biltmore, Wyndham, Loews, and Hyatt type hotels that cater to people with pets.  AAA has 13,000 hotels listings that accept pets.

9. A medical teaching hosptial decided to stop using dogs for heart experiments declaring new technology provides better information.  It’s a start down a very long road.  But it is a start.

If you have something to add to the list, I’d like to keep this going to the end of the year.

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