#1 Animal Story of 2008

by Mary Haight on December 19, 2008

Image by tifotter via Flickr

Animal Planet’s Number One Animal Story of the Year (aired 12/13) was Christian the Lion, the story of a lion brought up by two men in London who had, after consulting experts, decided Christian’s best life lay in reintroduction to Kenya. Probably the most feel-good video of the year, regardless of the fact that it was shot in the 1970s.

According to Animal Planet, this and other versions have been viewed on Youtube and through other viral means more than 30 Million times.

What better time to feel good than right now? Here’s the short version of the story.

And speaking of cats, here’s a survival story as reported by Associated Press on MSNBC.com

Out of Bozeman, Montana:  Fluffy, a long-haired tabby, went missing on Aug. 1 from the Wattenbarger family camp site in the West Yellowstone area. The family figured the cat had met her end as a meal for a coyote, but Fluffy turned out to be a fighter. For three months this pampered pet survived the wiles of predators ranging from eagles, hawks, and owls, to the fox and coyotes who call the Yelllowstone wilds their home. Oh, and don’t forget the bears!

Residents in the Horse Butte area noticed the stray cat, tried to get close enough to check her tags, but Fluffy was having none of that.  They left food out for her.  Neighbors Norval and Shirley Armstrong knew the cold weather was coming and set a humane trap baited with cat food.  Fluffy succumbed to temptation.  Then Anne Kinney, a Horse Butte area resident, volunteered to accompany Fluffy on a flight home to Houston, where the Wattenbarger family were reunited with their surprisingly clever kitty. It takes a village…get the details here

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