Dogs and Cats on Thanksgiving Day

by Mary Haight on November 23, 2008

Give me a kiss!

Image by Buntekuh via Flickr

The holidays are upon us again, and it’s a great time for getting together with friends and family.  The house is full of people, you get to see old friends and how their children have grown and while you are busy trying to catch up with conversations, and serve everyone’s needs, the household cats and dogs are left to their own devices.

It’s a good idea to make sure that little Sara doesn’t unknowingly feed the dog turkey bones which splinter and are very dangerous, or stuffing that is filled with onions which damage the kidneys, and that Tommy doesn’t have a chance to share his chocolates.

The other avoidable accident is lost pets.  Infrequent visitors are not always aware that dogs and cats will make a mad dash out the door and be down the block in seconds.  It is never fun to organize the pet wranglers to go in search of your much loved Gigi or Romeo, while your heart is in your throat with worry and your dinner is burning on the stove.

You can share some of your holiday dinner with Scrappy if you choose—be sure to serve only cooked turkey to avoid salmonella.  You can find out more about dog/cat food safety guidelines at

Enjoy your holiday dinner and your company worry free–well…relatively worry free.

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