Finding Lost Dogs: How To Find And Catch Your Lost Dog

by Mary Haight on February 16, 2015

finding lost dogsIf you’ve ever had a dog bolt out the front door and down the street, back out of a collar in fear and run, or wondered what you would do if you lost your dog, this is the podcast for you. Finding lost dogs takes a small army of community members who know many of the finer points of what works and what doesn’t in catching a dog that has reverted to her primal mind — a dog that does not recognize her own family when they call out for her. It’s a harsh lesson so many learn the hard way, even as their dog left the house moments ago, calling her name and chasing her does nothing but drive her further away. [click to continue…]


Dog Training the American Male

by Mary Haight on January 20, 2015

Dog Training the American MaleDog Training the American Male is not the type of book I would normally feature. It’s a novel. On its face, it’s an adult comedy about relationships between men and women and the universally recognized communications difficulties that happen when a couple decides to move in together.

Differences between the way men and women think offered throughout the story may make you smile or shake your head in recognition, but it’s when the “surprise” of an untrained, saved-from-certain-death-at-animal-control German Shepherd enters [click to continue…]


Holidays with Dogs: Positive Training Tips Podcast

by Mary Haight on December 21, 2014

Holidays with DogsHolidays with dogs are a joy — how much fun is it to watch them romp in the snow, find and open their gifts, play tag with the surf on the beach, or hike through the woods? Who doesn’t remember the first Christmas with their dog — how wonderful and weird it was for them to watch us dragging that tree into the house — a tree, in the house! But no leg lifting =)

No matter where you live or which holiday it is, it need not be a stress-fest for you *or* your dog. Whether you’re starting out with a new furry member of the household or helping a senior dog cope with an influx of strangers arriving for parties, even staying for a few days, it pays to be prepared and that means preparing your dog. [click to continue…]


Pet Tech and Dog Training: Innovation at First Pet Tech Conference

December 11, 2014

Pet tech and dog training are in a relationship and it’s getting serious — so much so that an entire conference was created to introduce and familiarize trainers with all the new positive training aids developed to assist and reinforce learning, and keep bored, home alone dogs from going to the dark side.

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Dogs of War Documentary: PTSD Veterans & Shelter Dogs

November 11, 2014

The Dogs of War documentary series premieres tonight on A&E, 10pm Eastern, and will be one reality show worth watching. This series will follow individuals and their dogs and does not shrink from capturing on film what living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is like, and what a vital role these dogs play in the […]

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Compassion Fatigue: Managing Risk in Animal Care

October 31, 2014

Compassion fatigue, depression, and suicide in the veterinary community has been in the news recently, with the stunning loss of internationally renowned animal behaviorist and speaker Dr Sophia Yin, DVM.

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Dog Emotions & The Human-Animal Bond: Are We All Pet Parents Now?

October 30, 2014

Do you think of yourself as a pet parent or more as a pet owner? In the interest of full disclosure, I think of us as pet parents and here’s why: We are responsible for similar basics parents of toddlers are. Our pet’s physical and mental well-being, their healthy curiosity about and confidence in the […]

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