Pet Product Safety Fails: What You Can Do

by Mary Haight on February 5, 2016

Pet product safety failI published a post on pet product safety fails and a podcast interview with Center for Pet Safety not long ago, so I was so happy to catch the NBC Today report on pet safety restraints for your car.

Unambiguous, substantive information was gathered by National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen, alerting pet owners: Most pet travel safety restraints on the market failed to pass independent crash testing, even when packaging states otherwise. [click to continue…]


Five Star Raw Dog Food: Pet Safety First

by Mary Haight on January 22, 2016

If you read this blog often, you’ll know I do very few sponsored dog food reviews. The “one and done” approach doesn’t seem adequate to getting to know a dog food.

To me, sharing products I really like, know, and use is what friends do! And I’m doing that today for a company in the super-premium category, Five Star and their raw dog food.

This is a sponsored post. The text and opinions are my own.

Pet Safety First

five star raw dog food

Five Star Raw Frozen Dog Food — human grade food, USDA Certified and quality controlled.

When I first heard about Five Star Raw Dog Food, I had all the immediate concerns on the tip of my tongue: Any ingredients from China (No), raw ingredients source (US), what about the vitamins (US).

Then I took a breath and was told all ingredients are human grade. Not only that, but each run is made in small batches with a USDA agent continuously present. [click to continue…]


Pet Car Seats: Do They Work in a Crash?

by Mary Haight on November 17, 2015

Pet Car SeatsThe pet car seats you have at the ready to take your dogs out and about are not going to help in a low speed crash. Never good news, especially before a series of busy holidays.

Pet safety is something all dog lovers expect of any product they buy. We buy food, toys, treats, and equipment, assuming they are tested for safe use and won’t hurt or kill our pets. But did you know consumer laws do not cover pet products? [click to continue…]


Pet Tutor: Positive Training Tool A High Tech Hit

October 30, 2015

Is your dog in love with the sound of his own voice? Do you worry your home alone pal is often bored and is the reason he’s shredding your magazines? Anxious behaviors can escalate and impair quality of life. You’ve probably got a Kong, maybe some puzzle toys, but once you’re out the door those […]

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Pound Seizure: Shelters and Research Labs

October 16, 2015

Before I interviewed Allie Phillips in 2013( Animal Cafe) I had never heard of pound seizure. Once I knew about it, I couldn’t forget it. That municipal shelters could sell lost, relinquished, adoptable animals to research labs turns the concept of “shelter” on its head. Sadly, in the intervening years, nothing has changed. Related Tags:

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Pet Loss: Grief Support & Pet Remembrance

October 5, 2015

This post is sponsored by All thoughts are my own. While I have received compensation for this post, I don’t write about or suggest products I wouldn’t use myself. Loving another species, sharing your home and life with them is a special gift. It is, if we are properly tuned in, a many years […]

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Smart Toys for Dogs: Into the Future – PupPod

September 28, 2015

There’s a new smart toy in town, it’s not like anything you’ve seen, and may signal the end of dog toys as we know them! Bold statement, but what would you say to smart toys for dogs that were part of an expandable gaming platform, like the Xbox? That’s PupPod. Related Tags:

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