Dog Intelligence: Dr. Brian Hare on DogSmarts

by Mary Haight on July 5, 2016

Dog Intelligence

Dog intelligence was of no interest to scientists until something drastic happened to turn that thinking on its head 15 years ago. Now it seems everyone’s getting into the act! Dr. Brian Hare, associate professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, was the catalyst for that change. He tells the story in the interview below, and it’s one of the things that makes science an interesting and unusual field to operate in. [click to continue…]


Earth Day: Cool Creatures Hot Planet Interview

by Mary Haight on April 22, 2016

 Earth Day Interview: Cool Creatures Hot Planet

Earth Day is here, and with the weekend coming up, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents is the perfect read.

The six-time national award-winning book by author Marty Essen is a globe-trotting adventure filled with beautiful photographs (also by the author), I felt like I was part of this journey seeking out the rare and special creatures that roam the Earth.

Adventures and world travel can come at a cost, and Marty felt the sting of one of the world’s most venomous insects, was attacked by a Hippo, had been surrounded by wolves, got bitten by a poisonous [click to continue…]


Pet Insurance: What’s Best For Your Pet?

by Mary Haight on April 7, 2016

pet insurance what's best

Protect Your Pets


It has been years since I’ve written about Pet Insurance and much has changed in the industry, including the providers. asked me to take a look at what they offer. It really is worth the three minutes it takes to tick a few boxes and fill out minimal information to have several suitable company’s links to explore. This is a Sponsored Post.

Every now and then you’ll find a flurry of posts and magazine articles talking about pet insurance – is it worth it, do you really need it, what are the best companies, and how do you choose the best solution for your pets? You want to do what’s right, but it’s all so confusing. [click to continue…]


Dog Behavior Studies: Preventing Broken Bonds

March 18, 2016

Dog behavior studies at the Center for Canine Behavior Studies are focused on putting a serious dent in the reported 1.5 million dogs killed annually in shelters through their Animal Ownership Interaction Study of 2015. And you can be part of it! Dr Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DVA, DACVAA, DACVB (TuftsU) and Dr James A. […]

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Dog Dental Care: Ins, Outs, Hows & Whys

February 26, 2016

Dog dental care is a major factor in the continued health and longevity of your dog. I’m not overstating the facts. Bacteria from bad teeth cause damage to kidneys, lungs, and in particular heart valve damage. So when Tashi was checked in the Spring of last year and a large build-up of plaque was found […]

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Pet Product Safety Fails: What You Can Do

February 5, 2016

I published a post on pet product safety fails and a podcast interview with Center for Pet Safety not long ago, so I was so happy to catch the NBC Today report on pet safety restraints for your car. Unambiguous, substantive information was gathered by National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen, alerting pet owners: Most pet […]

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Five Star Raw Dog Food: Pet Safety First

January 22, 2016

If you read this blog often, you’ll know I do very few sponsored dog food reviews. The “one and done” approach doesn’t seem adequate to getting to know a dog food. To me, sharing products I really like, know, and use is what friends do! And I’m doing that today for a company in the […]

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